Did the best QR code scanner on the planet just get better?

11 Jun
Sample Custom QR code

Create custom QR codes for business with

This author scans a lot of QR codes. I scan them because I enjoy the ease of access to information that QR codes provide; but I also scan them in the course of my business. Making custom QR code templates for businesses, and embedding them in our first-of-its-kind QRstyler application so they can leverage them endlessly, requires me to scan codes constantly.

When we create a custom QR code template, businesses end up with more than just one code; they can leverage their custom, brand extending design as often as they want, creating unique custom codes for different URLs, QR campaigns and much more.

So when I opened my favorite QR code scanning application, called i-nigma, I got a pleasant surprise. The app now loads and is ‘scan ready’ in about half the time. While the app on my iphone only took about 2 seconds to load and enter scan mode previously, that delay, multiplied by thousands of scans, actually did have an impact. I was more than happy to wait the extra moment, since i-nigma is such a robust, ad free, free to use scanner.

i-nigma will scan virtually anything

What is the difference you ask? Aren’t all free QR code scanning applications the same?

Not at all. First, i-nigma does not serve ads, which is a must for my purposes. Second, and more importantly, i-nigma will scan virtually anything. The reason that the app took that extra moment to load is that their custom decoding algorithms are so amazing. You could literally take a business card with a QR code on it, place it in the washing machine with a load of rocks, and run a full cycle, and i-nigma would still scan the code.

Customized QR codes that embed a graphic ‘call to action,’ use corporate colors, and offer a sense of context to what they scan to are increasing rapidly. Just see the example above to get a sense of what our application can do. And as designers push the envelope in creating highly customized, beautiful QR codes, having a robust QR code scanning application saves the consumer time and ensures a positive experience.

QRstyler recommended QR code Scanner app is i-nigma

i-nigma makes great codes even better with fast, robust scanning

Not only is i-nigma’s updated app faster to load, while still being the most capable scanner on the planet; it is also a little more fun to use now. The streamlined new interface is easier on the eyes, and gives instant access to help, your history of scans, favorites and more. These options were always there in the previous versions, but now it just feels more intuitive.

My hat goes off again to i-nigma. If you are searching for an answer to the question ‘what is the best free QR code scanner app for iOS or android,’ the answer is still i-nigma. Maybe now more than ever!

Just search your app store for i-nigma to start scanning with the best today.


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